About Colleen & Todd Frost

Originally from Rochester, New York - Colleen and her husband Todd moved to the Dallas area in 1997. “We thought we would never stay in Texas. We thought this was just a stepping stone.” However, the couple fell in love with Texas, and have now been here for over two decades. They’ve experienced career changes, raised a family, and are now building one of the top brokerage firms in Collin County. Their success is due in part to their balancing personalities. Each brings qualities to the table that allow them to exceed client expectations, day in and day out. “We’re yin and yang,” Colleen explains. “He’s all data. I’m all marketing. He’s very calm. I’m energetic.”
Colleen Frost has a varied background with experience in multiple industries. She received her Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from SUNY Brockport, with dreams of becoming a police officer. By graduation, she had recognized that her genuine passion was studying criminal justice, and decided to launch a career as a paralegal. For many years, Colleen worked in personal injury and medical malpractice, before becoming a mother to her two lovely children, Brendan and Riley. When her children were young, Colleen founded a business called An Extra Pair of Hands, which assisted families with miscellaneous life tasks, including housekeeping. After a few years of success, Colleen’s passion for the business had waned, prompting her to create a business staging homes for Realtors. This was her first step into the real estate industry.
As an electrical engineer by trade, Todd was previously employed in the telecom industry. In 2011, the telecom industry was struggling, and Todd and Colleen felt an impending change. With a desire to stay ahead of the curve, Colleen got her real estate license, and within two years, Todd decided to put his engineering life behind him and become a real estate agent as well. “That’s when things really took off,” Colleen explains, “both personally and professionally.”
After getting licensed in 2011, Colleen launched her real estate career with a big box brokerage. Here, her fire was lit by her first coach, “I didn’t realize this, but I owe a bit of gratitude,” Colleen recalls. While planning her 2012 goal, Colleen stated she wanted to earn $100,000 but her coach looked at her disapprovingly, implying the impossibility of the goal. Colleen artificially deflated her goal to $60,000 for her coach, but the situation left her desiring to prove her coach wrong. “When you tell me I can’t do something - now I have to do it.” Colleen went on to earn over $300,000 that first year. When asked now about her yearly goals, Colleen says “No goals equals no limits, believe that you are worthy.”
With a success-driven mindset and unorthodox approach, success came quickly for Todd and Colleen; in 2017 their sales exceeded $66M. However, It’s not the numbers or the awards that drive them. “The most rewarding part of my job is getting a hug from my clients,” Colleen explains. She strives to bring this level of attention and care into the brokerage as well.
In late June of 2017, Colleen and Todd opened their own brokerage firm, Colleen Frost, REALTORS® located in Downtown Historic Plano. Colleen Frost, REALTORS®, fondly dubbed CFR, has a moto, “Learn, Grow and Become Better.” Through weekly training called FROSTMOSIS, two mentorship programs and an encouraging environment, agents are able to feel accepted and supported in growing themselves and their business. “I want our brokerage to be more of a true family, a safe place,” Colleen states. Under Todd and Colleen’s inspiring tutelage, their brokerage has grown to over 50 agents in only a year.
From cleaning homes, to staging homes, to selling homes, Colleen has solidified herself as a consistent multi-million dollar producer, a top agent in Collin County and BEST D Magazine winner year after year. She gives the credit for her determination to her parents, who taught her at a young age to work smart, not hard, and to always put the needs of others before her own. Although her father passed years ago, Colleen still feels his presence moving through her life, guiding her to success and happiness. Her family continues to be a steadying force in her life. “When I’m having a bad day, [my mom] will fill my cup right back up.” When they’re not working, Todd and Colleen can be found watching sporting events and spending quality time with Brendan and Riley.
Colleen Frost’s mindset may be her most important asset. Her consistently optimistic and open outlook, paired with a determination to conquer anything she puts her mind to, make her an incredible Realtor and Entrepreneur.